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Created by Anne-Carole Plaçais and Hélène Carvallo in July of 2018, FAAN is an international professionals network who are aware of the difficulties of cross-border cases, not only legally but also personally.

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With expert local and international knowledge, our lawyers provide top-tier advice and client service.

Hélène Carvallo
Attorney at the New York Bar

I am a French attorney allowed to practice in the State of New York and in the federal courts of the United States.

+1 (929) 259-2110
Anne-Carole Placais
Attorney at the Paris Bar

For over 12 years, Anne Carole Plaçais has practiced Family and Matrimonial Law, including at the International level, at the Paris Bar.

+33 (0)1 40 16 10 05


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Tri-custody in New York

Par un arrêt du 8 mars 2017, Dawn M. v. Michael M., la New York Supreme Court, Suffolk County, juridiction de 1ère instance, […]

A French-New York Family Case by Helene CARVALLO, Esq. and Anne-Carole PLACAIS, Attorney at the Paris Bar

In our globalized society, it has now become commonplace that a French family moves to the US or that a French gets married […]

Relocation versus Custody à New York

En droit new-yorkais, tant qu’aucune décision n’a été prononcée sur la custody (autorité parentale et résidence), chacun des parents jouit en principe des […]