Anne-Carole Plaçais

For over 12 years, Anne Carole Plaçais has practiced Family and Matrimonial Law, including  at the International level, at the Paris Bar.

She created, along with co-founder Hélène Carvallo, an Attorney at Law at the New York Bar, FAAN, which stands for “French American Attorneys Network”, that aims at offering full and experienced assistance to families with ties to both the United States and France.

She takes on some of the most challenging cases to find resolutions for her clients. She finds life-changing solutions for couples at any step of their personal life (marriage, PACS -partnership-, Union Libre, new parenthood). She can intervene at any stage of the family life, either regarding assets or personal status (filiation, Surrogate Motherhood -GPA-, adoption, marriage, separation and divorce, estate planning…) including in emergency situations (domestic violence, international abductions of children…)

Anne Carole Plaçais is an accredited member of the Children Department of the Paris Bar. As such, she is very concerned for the respect of the children’s best interests. She represents those children in high difficulties with attention to details and persistence, in order to get positive outcome in the most challenging situations.

Anne Carole is also deeply concerned about the equal access of all to justice and the legal system. As such,she offers pro bono legal consultation to families in need at the French Consulate in New York.


In addition

Anne-Carole Plaçais is also member of the charity “Protection sur Ordonnance”, and regularly provides legal consultation within the association “Femmes Solidaires” to help women and children victims of domestic violence and abuse.

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Anne-Carole Plaçais

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